Classical Sunday

Enjoy a bit of cultural entertainment this Sunday evening watching and listening to the
Shostakovich Cello Concerto No 1 in E flat major, Op 107 performed by Samara Ginsberg and Bristol Metropolitan Orchestra.

Recorded on the 10th of March 2018 at St George’s Bristol

First nomination for the FOREST

Lots of excitement due to the announcement of FOREST’s first nomination at Barcelona Planet Film Festival in Documentary Feature Film category.


FOREST 2018 Documentary – the release

Forest logo

I would like to present to you my first feature length documentary I have been working on over the last few months with the help of friends.

In 2016 Polish Government authorised an intensive nearly three-fold increase in logging operations in Białowieża Forest region, Poland’s only natural UNESCO heritage and the last remaining primeval forest on the European lowland. Minister of the Environment quoted various excuses as the reason for it. This decision has resulted in a lot of socio-political tension. FOREST is a documentary exploring the conflict based around the logging of the Białowieża Forest, its consequences and prospects for the resolution. The film also documents brave and influential actions of the activists from all around Poland and abroad in attempt to save this precious wilderness.


Official Facebook Page

Official FOREST webpage


Film has been submitted to listed below festivals and is under review:

Wildscreen Conservation Film Festival

Wilderland Film Festival

Bristol Independent Film Festival

Oslo Independent Film Festival

Stockholm Independent Film Festival

Edinburgh Independent Film Awards

Wildlife Vaasa Festival-International Nature Film Festival

SunChild 8th International Environmental Festival

MAFF | Matsalu Nature Film Festival


Procida Film Festival

Filmes do Homem – Melgaço International Documentary Film Festival


Festival International Nature Namur



Wexford Documentary Film Festival

Filmfest Bremen

Baikal International Film Festival “PEOPLE AND ENVIRONMENT”

dokumentART – films & future


Life Sciences Film Festival


Barcelona Planet Film Festival

International Green Film Festival

Greenmotions Film Festival

“Euro Kino” Czech International Independent Film Festival


FOREST 2018 – crowdfunding

Over the last few months I have been working on my first feature documentary about the current conflict based around the logging in Białowieża Forest. This forest is a unique habitat that is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, the last closest to primeval forest and the only one like this on the European lowland. I have travelled to my home country Poland in October last year to film the footage I needed. My aim was to submit the film to conservation film festivals, like Wildscreen to spread the work about this issue. Now I am about a week away from my final Wildscreen submission deadline on the 4th of April and I need your help. I am not able to afford the submission fees along side festival tickets and my day to day expenses so I have started a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds for the submission fees. Please visit my page to support my cause and help me spread the word about this huge conservation battle that is taking place in my country.

Visit my campaign here.

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog – The Ultimate Guide

Watch another episode of Animal Watch I have done in collaboration with Anneka Svenska for her channel Green World TV, this time on Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs.

Are Czechoslovakian wolfdogs dangerous? How do you feed one? How do you walk one? Do they make good guard dogs? Anneka explains everything about caring for one of these incredible dogs in this 20 minute guide.

Insight Ensemble: Winter Dreams

Insight Ensemble’s Winter Dream show in the tunnels of the Loco Klub, December 2017.

Ticket sales for their new upcoming show are launching soon. Keep an eye out on

DOGA: Yoga with dogs

Another episode of Animal Watch I have filmed and edited for Anneka Svenska from Green World TV. Watch how Anneka has a go at yoga with her rescue dog and her wolfdog tutored by Mahny Djahanguiri, the pioneer of Doga in England.

Animal Watch: The Siberian Husky Dog

Watch the new episode of Animal Watch I made with Anneka Svenska for her conservation Youtube channel Green World TV and learn a bit or two about the husky breed. Filmed at Eagle Heights in Kent.